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Table 1 NIATx Multi-component Implementation Strategy: Components, Timing and Activities

From: Implementing integrated services in routine behavioral health care: primary outcomes from a cluster randomized controlled trial

NIATx Strategy Discrete Components Timing Activities
Site Visit Aug to Oct (Cohort 1) Review the NIATx model
July to Nov (Cohort 2) Meet with leadership
Review the DDCAT scores
Plan the first change project
Individual Coaching Calls Approximately monthly from July to June Review progress of current change projects
Discuss implementation barriers
Identify new change projects
Group Coaching Calls February and May Discuss common change projects
Peer to peer sharing
Discuss sustainability
Learning Sessions October/November (Initial) Initial: Apply NIATx strategies to develop PDSA cycles and use data to drive change.
June (Wrap-up) Wrap-up: Provider presentations and Sustainment plans