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Table 3 Average percentages for 15 RMNCH lifesaving commodities across the 8 policy and system indicators

From: How to assure access of essential RMNCH medicines by looking at policy and systems factors: an analysis of countdown to 2015 countries

Commodity Type Commodity Average % (in descending order) a
Child Oral rehydration solution 87
Maternal Oxytocin 87
Newborn Gentamicin 86
Newborn Penicillin injection 84
Newborn Ceftriaxone 84
Reproductive Implant 81
Maternal Magnesium sulfate 81
Newborn Antenatal steroids 81
Child Zinc 79
Maternal Calcium gluconate 78
Maternal Misoprostol 78
Child Amoxicillin dispersible tablets 73
Reproductive Emergency contraception 72
Reproductive Female condoms 70
Newborn Chlorhexidine 66
  1. aMeans of the average percentages presented in Fig. 2 came from different sample sizes and were rounded to whole numbers