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Table 9 Availability, recording and stock out of key drugs in DRH, HFSUH and KGH, eastern Ethiopia, Sep 1–Nov 30, 2014

From: Evaluation of rational drug use based on World Health Organization core drug use indicators in selected public hospitals of eastern Ethiopia: a cross sectional study

Health facility indicators DRH HFSUH KGH Over all
Percentage in stock of key drugs 12(80.0%)a 6(40.0%)a 11(73.3%)a 20(66.7%)
% of drugs with adequate recording 11(73.3%) a 0a 12(80.0%)a 19(63.3)
Average number of stock out days during the year for adequately recorded drugs 9.78 __ 35a 30
Percentage of Expired drug 0 7(46.7%)a 6(40.0%)a 8(26.7%)a
  1. a Violates WHO indicators set for every health care setting