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Table 2 Sample Description

From: Clinical determinants associated with quality of life for people who live with HIV/AIDS: a Meta-analysis

Authors Country Year Sample Size Study Design Instrument for measuring QoL Quality Assessment Criteria
Aragonés-López et al. Cuba 2012 354 Cross- sectional None Good
Deribew A. et al. Ethiopia 2013 465 Cross-sectional None Satisfactory
George et al. Ireland 2016 521 Cross- sectional None Good
Tesfaye et al. Ethiopia 2015 250 Cross- sectional WHOQOLa Good
Rüütel K., et al Estonia 2009 451 Cross- sectional WHOQOL Satisfactory
Boyer et al. France 2012 1985 Cross- sectional SF-12 physical (PCS)b and mental (MCS) HRQLc Good
Lan et al. China 2016 261 Cross- sectional MOSd Good
Friend-du Preez et al. South Africa 2009 612 Cross- sectional WHOQOL Good
Ruiz Perez et al. Spain 2005 320 Cross- sectional MOS Satisfactory
Louwagie et al. South Africa 2007 371 Cross- sectional EQ5De Good
D Nglazi et al South Africa 2014 903 Cross- sectional EQ5D Good
Briongos Figuero et al. Spain 2011 150 Cross- sectional MOS Good
  1. aWHOQOL
  2. bPCS
  3. cHRQL
  4. dMOS
  5. eEQ5D