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Table 2 Study indicators and measurement

From: Quality and barriers of outpatient diabetes care in rural health facilities in Uganda – a mixed methods study

Dimension Indicators Definition
Foundations of quality systems Staff and training
 Guidelines for diagnosis & treatment of DM Observed presence of national (&other) guidelines for DM
 Staff trained in diabetes diagnosis & treatment At least one staff member providing DM services trained in some aspect of DM care
Basic technologies/Equipment
 Adult weighing scale Observed availability & reported functionality of each item at the facility
 Blood pressure measurement device
 Blood glucose test strips
 Measuring tape
 Urine protein test strips
Essential medicines
 Metformin Observed availability of each medicine at the facility
 Blood glucose Able to conduct the test at the facility and observed availability of functioning equipment & reagents for the test
 Urine dipstick- protein
 Urine dipstick- albumin/ketones
 Blood cholesterol
Processes of care Blood glucose monitoring Received at least one glucose measurement in past year
Blood pressure monitoring Received at least one blood pressure measurement in past year
Blood cholesterol monitoring Received at least one cholesterol measurement in past year
Monitoring kidney disease Received urine-protein test in past year
Eye examination Received dilated eye examination in past year
Foot examination Received foot examination in past year
Health Outcomes Blood glucose control Having RBS level of ≤11.0 mmol/l
Blood pressure control Having BP of ≤130/80 mmHg
Chronic complications Having at least one of the selected complications