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Table 4 An overview of the number of participants and data generation encounters

From: ‘Participation is integral’: understanding the levers and barriers to the implementation of community participation in primary healthcare: a qualitative study using normalisation process theory

Study 1 (n = 32) Status   Data Generation Study 2 (n = 39) Status   Data Generation
HSE Principal Applicants (PAs) Paid n = 11 One-to-one interview Community Representatives Paid n = 13 Focus group
Community PAs Paid n = 14 One-to-one interview Community Representatives Unpaid n = 13 Focus group
National steering Group, HSE Paid n = 4 One-to-one interview Community Representative Unknown n = 1 Focus group
National steering Group, Community Paid n = 3 One-to-one interview HSE personnel Paid n = 5 One-to-one interviews
Evaluator Paid n = 1 One-to-one interview HSE policy personnel Paid n = 4 One-to-one interviews
     GPs Paid (as GPS but not in capacity to support CP in PC) n = 3 One-to-one interviews