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Table 4 Unintended discrepancies – multivariable analysis

From: Impact of pharmacy-led medication reconciliation on admission to internal medicine service: experience in two tertiary care teaching hospitals

Variable Unadjusted OR ORa Confidence Interval P-value
Number of information sources 0.464 1.37 0.91–1.70 0.08
Number of home medications 0.102 1.11 1.03–1.19 0.007
  1. Variables with a p-value of 0.2 or less in the bivariate analysis were included in the initial model. Those include: Age, Number of information sources used, and Number of home medications
  2. Using a Backward LR method, the model finally retained the variables shown in this table. Hosmer and Lemshow test for sample adequacy p-value: 0.882