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Table 1 List of lifesaving commodities included in this review

From: How to assure access of essential RMNCH medicines by looking at policy and systems factors: an analysis of countdown to 2015 countries

1. Female condoms
2. Implants
3. Emergency contraception
4. Oxytocin injection 10 IU
5. Misoprostol tabs 200mcg
6. Magnesium sulfate injection
7. Calcium gluconate
8. Gentamicin injection
9. Ampicillin or benzyl penicillin injection/procaine pen or alternative
10. Ceftriaxone
11. Dexamethasone injection or alternative injectable steroid
12. Chlorhexidine
13. Amoxicillin 250 mg dispersible tablets (DT) or syrup
14. Oral rehydration solution (ORS) sachets
15. Zinc dispersible tablets