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Table 1 Differences in out-of-hours telephone setup

From: Development and evaluation of an “emergency access button” in Danish out-of-hours primary care: a study protocol of a randomized controlled trial

Subject OOH-PC in the Central Denmark Region MH-1813 in the Capital Region of Denmark
Triage professionals General practitionerse Nurses and doctorsf
Waiting time (90th percentile, 2015) 7 min.c 16 min. 35 secd
Waiting time (mean, 2015) 2 min. 30 secc 6 min. 51 secd
Waiting time (median, 2015) 1 min. 8 secc 4 min. 29 secd
Contacts per year (2014) 697,000a 911,000b
Inhabitants (per 1 Jan. 2015) 1,282,750a 1,760,000a
Contacts per inhabitant 0.54 0.52
  1. Sources: aStatistics Denmark, bCapital Region of Denmark, cCentral Denmark Region, technical dep., dEmergency Medical Services Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark, eor doctors in final phase of GP specialist training, fCan be GPs, doctors with other specialties than GP or doctors in training