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Table 4 Primary Study Site Characteristics

From: Model depicting aspects of audit and feedback that impact physicians’ acceptance of clinical performance feedback

  1. Note: Grey boxes indicate we did conduct an interview for that role at that site.
  2. Legend
  3. FD – Facility Director
  4. ACOS – Associate Chief of Staff
  5. MD – Medical Doctor
  6. RN – Register Nurse
  7. * Participant interviews analyzed for this secondary study
  8. † A measure of the strength of the facility’s academic orientation. Greater numbers mean a stronger academic orientation. 0 means no academic affiliation. Source: Byrne et al., 2009 [37]
  9. †† Operationalized as the percent of outpatient clinic stops provided at Community Based Outpatient Clinics. A low percentage indicates the majority of outpatient/primary care occurs at the main hospital, rather than at primary care clinic not located on the grounds of the main hospital. Source: Byrne et al., 2009 [37]