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Table 1 Main characteristics and HIV/AIDS commitments of three GHIs, 2000–2004

From: Global health initiatives in Africa – governance, priorities, harmonisation and alignment

  World Bank Global Fund PEPFAR
GHI type Multilateral agency Public-private partnership Bilateral donor
Start 2000 (fiscal year 2001) 2002 2003 (fiscal year 2004)
Focus disease HIV/AIDS HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria HIV/AIDS
Priority Use of national AIDS strategic plans for setting priorities Flexible funding based on priorities set by country stakeholders Achieving programmatic targets set by the US Congress
Management system National AIDS council (NAC) and NAC secretariat Global Fund secretariat country Office of the US Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC)
Funding allocation Based on government and NAC Performance-based funding Predetermined earmarked funding
Types of funded interventions Community responses and capacity building Proportion to intervention Proportionate to treatment and prevention
Principle recipients Multisectoral, government ministries, NAC, civil society Government, NAC, civil society International NGOs
Disbursement funding HIV/AIDS (millions of USD    
2003 307.7 789.1 949.2
2006 36.1 1031.3 2517.6
  1. Sources: OECD CRS database, Oomman et al. 2007