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Table 1 Summary of evidence sources

From: Regulation of medical diagnostics and medical devices in the East African community partner states

Country Documents reviewed Organisations interviewed (Number of persons)
Burundi 1 i. Ministry of Health
   ii. Department of Pharmacy, Medicines and Laboratory
Kenya 17 i. Pharmacy and Poisons Board (3)
   ii. National Quality Control and Medical Devices Laboratory
   iii. Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologists Board (2)
Rwanda 4   No organisations interviewed
Tanzania (Mainland) 11 i. Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority (2)
   ii. Private Health Laboratories Board
Tanzania (Zanzibar) 6 i. Zanzibar Food and Drugs Board (2)
   ii. Central Medical Stores, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare
   iii. Chief Pharmacist, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare
Uganda 8 i. National Drug Authority (3)
   ii. Pharmacy Division, Ministry of Health
   iii. Uganda National Bureau of Standards (2)
   iv. Allied Health Professionals Council
   v. Medilab (Laboratory supplies company)
   vi. Central Public Health Laboratories
Total 47 16 (24)