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Table 3 Tasks mentioned by different stakeholders as informally taken up by CHWs

From: Perceptions of health stakeholders on task shifting and motivation of community health workers in different socio demographic contexts in Kenya (nomadic, peri-urban and rural agrarian)

Stakeholders Curative Tasks taken up informally by CHWs
Policy Makers Home based care for the chronically ill
Donors Dispensing of drugs (ARVs), anti-malarials, dressing of wounds
Managers None
Nomadic CHWs Treating diseases, deliveries, injections
Peri-urban CHWs Circumcision, delivery, injection, immunization, blood tests and treating diseases.
Rural CHWs None
Nomadic Consumers Injection, deliveries, drug dispensing, treating diseases
Peri-urban Consumers Injection, family planning, circumcision, deliveries, drug dispensing, dressing of wounds
Rural Consumers None