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Table 1 Descriptive statistics

From: “Not too far to walk”: the influence of distance on place of delivery in a western Kenya health demographic surveillance system

Household delivery data
Percent of homes with at least one birth at facility   30.8%
Percent of households with at least one birth at home   77%
Percent of households with head=male   90%
Employment status of head   
  Unemployed 13.4%
  Employed 20.5%
  Self-employed 65.4%
  Head is farmer 42.8%
  Head owns business 9.7%
  Head is salaried 15.2%
  Head is skilled laborer 12.3%
  Head is casual laborer 18.7%
Education of head   
  No education 1.36%
  Pre-primary 0.22%
  Primary 58.68%
  Secondary 33.20%
  Technical/Vocational 3.12%
  Higher 2.96%
  Informal 0.46%
Mean household size   6.5 people (SD=2.9)
  Mean people per room 3.1 (SD=1.55)
  Mean number of rooms 2.3
  Mean acres of land owned 1.77
  Mean distance to facility 2.4 km (SD=1.13)
  Mean distance to road 3.11 km (SD=1.55)
  Nearest facility is hospital (percent) 33.8%
  Nearest facility is health center (percent) 12.9%
  Nearest facility is dispensary (percent) 53.3%