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Figure 2

From: Measuring adherence to antiretroviral treatment in resource-poor settings: The clinical validity of key indicators

Figure 2

Adjusted weight gain and adherence at nine months after initiation of ART. Adjusted weight gain for a typical patient at the end of the nine-month period following initiation of ART by percentage of days covered with antiretroviral therapy. GEE model adjusts for gender, age category (30 or younger, 31-40, >40 years), whether married, capital-urban-rural location, baseline CD4 level, baseline weight, WHO stage at ART initiation (stage 1 or 2 vs. stage 3 or 4), evidence of TB at ART initiation, any evidence in medical record of side effect or opportunistic infection since treatment initiation, number of different ART regimens since initiation, ever treated with a protease inhibitor, and time since ART initiation. Typical patients were age 31-40, living in the capital, married, with baseline CD4 = 139.8, baseline weight = 52.8 kg for women and 57.2 kg for men, an average of 1.6 different ART regimens, no side effects or opportunistic infections during treatment, and never on PI.

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