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Table 4 Percentage of non-physician clinicians choosing the correct answer from five alternatives in the multiple-choice (MC) questions.

From: Task shifting to non-physician clinicians for integrated management of hypertension and diabetes in rural Cameroon: a programme assessment at two years

MC-question Pre-test
(n = 70)
(n = 70)
(n = 62)
Knows that diabetes is diagnosed based on FPG 93% 100% 94%
Knows BP levels defining arterial hypertension 20% 80% 69%
Chooses a correct drug for first line treatment of hypertension 17% 94% 95%
Chooses an antihypertensive drug that is not contra-indicated for treatment during pregnancy 27% 97% 82%
Chooses lifestyle and diet modifications for the treatment of IFG 73% 97% 97%
Chooses the correct protocol for moderate diabetes (FPG 7-10.9 mmol/l) 30% 44% 47%
Chooses the correct protocol for severe diabetes (FPG > 11 mmol/l) 23% 76% 79%
Chooses to search for ketone bodies in the urine in case of very high blood glucose levels 41% 96% 95%
Chooses the right patients who must be referred immediately to a hospital (coma and ketoacidosis) 46% 54% 58%
  1. BP: blood pressure; FPG: fasting plasma glucose